These shorts are best known to the average rider who likes to cycle recreationally. The braces can be finished with white or heavy mesh, depending on the design of the clothing.

At the bottom, the pants are finished with a 5cm high silicone stretch that keeps everything in place

These pants are finished with a different silicone border than the regular classic pants. Due to this shape, the sponsors can also be placed better for visibility.

These trousers can also be finished with white or black mesh fabric.

These pants have been specially developed for the more professional cyclist!

With their nicely fitting shape, finished in different fabrics, these pants are the elite pro. The pants were finished with F1 suspenders and silicone stretch at the bottom.

The seams can also be finished in different colors (flat seam).

All the above shorts are available with our different pads !

The collant, kneeshorts and regular shorts in winter fabric are made of Super Roubaix. This fabric ensures that you stay sufficiently warm at cold temperatures.

The trousers can be supplied with or without a pad.

The collants or long pants are finished at the bottom with a lit so that it stays in place while cycling.

These pants are suitable for warming up before the race.

Zippers are provided on both sides to easily zip the pants on and off!

The pants are also widely used to enter the stage after the match, so she is very suitable to highlight all sponsors.

All the above shorts are available with our different pads !
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