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Nieuwste Print technologie

Onze nieuwe printers hebben een betere kwaliteit, hogere printsnelheid en beter kleurdiepte. Alle machines draaien op nieuwe software en zijn gecalibreerd zodanig dat ze identieke kleuren leveren.
De printkwaliteit is een stuk hoger waardoor de korrel bijna volledig verdwijnt. Bepaalde effecten komen nu beter tot hun recht.


To provide you better quality and color consistency, our CMYK colors had to be changed to be more accurate to actual CMYK (so for example, 100% CYAN is more cyan and not dark blue as it was before).

This will also help to visualize color between screen and fabric as the difference will be no longer so big.

Pantone color palette

This palette shows you how our company print Pantone colors. Please note that due to different fabrics and sublimation process, we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy to Pantone Official color book which is printed on paper. Our colors are adjusted to be as close as possible using advanced color matching technology.


CMYK basic & extended color palettes

These palettes will show you how our CMYK colors look like. Please be aware that CMYK colors used in the past may look different (depending on used values).
We also can offer you our most advanced CMYK color palette which we use to match colors. If you would like to receive it, please let us know about it.

Fluorescent colors palette

We have new fluorescent colors which do not affect non fluorescent colors (so when using fluo yellow, red colors in design will be red instead of red-orange, like it was before). New fluorescent colors will be available as a solid color and cannot be used in gradients.

Lycra colors

New color swatches were made to be printed alternative for pre-dyed lycra colors. Colors are named as (for example) “Navy Blue Lycra” so it will be easier to use them in designs instead of CMYK values or missleading Pantone colors.

Test, print, archive & double check !

Another new procedures which we have implemented is test print archive & double check.

Each order will have it’s own color sample on fabric saved, so in future we can always check color which was used for production and compare it with our palettes. We have assigned person who will be checking each design file before production. This double-check of design will decrease chance of mistakes and will provide benefits in upcoming years.

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